Date Description
04/05/20 10:15am Quarantine cook-out: Memphis Dust pork butt smoked over cherry wood.
01/18/20 08:12am Big bad beef ribs over oak
11/29/19 09:57am Birthday luau pork shoulder smoked over cherry wood
07/13/19 09:01am Ribs smoked over hickory
02/02/19 12:34pm Boneless lamb shoulder smoked over hickory.
11/25/18 03:56pm Reverse seared ribeye steaks for birthday dinner with parents.
11/22/18 10:30am Thanksgiving 2018: whole-smoked duck over cherry wood and pecan with chipotle-cherry barbecue sauce. Recipe taken from Barbecue Bible.
11/11/18 07:33am 3 racks of ribs rubbed in Memphis Dust and cooked with the 3-2-1 method.
09/30/18 01:06am Whole prime packer brisket smoked over oak, split with Alie and Sam. Followed Aaron Franklin's recipe.
06/17/18 03:02pm Jimmy Dean fatty, original flavor?
05/06/18 10:12am Beef ribs (I think?) smoked over oak
05/06/18 08:52am Jimmy Dean sage smoked "fatty" over cherry wood.
05/05/18 07:27pm Reverse-seared steak